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Housed in a landmark building in the heart of downtown New York City, the Wooster Street Social Club offers a tattoo experience like none other.

The vibe? It’s electric.  A creative energy pulses throughout the space.

Our elite roster of resident and guest artists bring an extraordinary amount of talent to the table. They are veterans and they are up-and-comers.  Their specialties range from top-notch art done in the Traditional styles to groundbreaking work in New School style.

Whether a tattoo virgin or a tattoo collector, every client of Wooster Street Social Club leaves with a true work of art.

12 Noon to 8PM
Walk Ins Available 7 Days A Week
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 Are you wheelchair accessible?
The Artists of WSSC
Ami James
Tim Hendricks
Tommy Montoya
Megan Massacre
Luke Wessman
Eddy Ospina
Guy Waisman
Damion Ross
Kaname Mouri
Lee Rodriguez
Mikey Montoya