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Housed in a landmark building in the heart of downtown New York City, the Wooster Street Social Club offers a tattoo experience like none other.

The vibe? It’s electric.  A creative energy pulses throughout the space.

Our elite roster of resident and guest artists bring an extraordinary amount of talent to the table. They are veterans and they are up-and-comers.  Their specialties range from top-notch art done in the Traditional styles to groundbreaking work in New School style.

Whether a tattoo virgin or a tattoo collector, every client of Wooster Street Social Club leaves with a true work of art.

12 Noon to 8PM
Walk Ins Available 7 Days A Week
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 Are you wheelchair accessible?
The Artists of WSSC
Ami James
Tim Hendricks
Tommy Montoya
Megan Massacre
Luke Wessman
Guy Waisman
Rodrigo Canteras
Damion Ross
Kaname Mouri
Mikey Montoya
Eddy Ospina
Lee Rodriguez